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Ellen Rowan (zaellen)

Thanks so much for your comments Jenni! You are right...ZoomAlbum IS a great project for kids and parents, especially those who have to be separated from loved ones. Please contact me anytime with questions or for added discounts :)


A great idea would be for the deployed parent to send pictures of themselves back home to be put into a Zoom Album for the kids.

The deployed parent could have pictures of themselves at their job overseas, posed in a military vehicle, with their fellow service members, eating at the mess hall, and -most importantly- holding a photo of their child or something special the child sent them. This would really be an easy way to keep parent and child connected and to give the child an idea of what their parent is doing while away.

We are a National Guard family preparing for deployment in the fall. I plan to encourage my husband to take photos so I can make Zoom Albums for my sons, who will really be missing their daddy! (And of course, my husband will get plenty of Zoom Albums sent his way as well!)

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